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Closet Swap. iPhone & iPad. Free. Reduce, reuse, and recycle your clothes by swapping them with your friends with this fashion-forward innovative app. Have you see clothes you like in a shop but don’t have the bucks? Snap a photo with the Closet Cam and send a Fashion SOS to your friends to see if they have something similar you can borrow. Snap pics of your own clothes or tag Facebook photos of the clothes and add them to your online closet so your friends can see what they might want to borrow. Discover local vintage and second hand shops with the app, learn about brands with sustainable, eco-friendly practices, and more. Create a Hotlist of clothes you like and sync them with your Closet Swap profile online. The app is the pocket companion to Closet Swap ( an online social fashion site. Closet Swap requires a Facebook account, as well as an iPhone 3G (or above) or an iPod Touch (with a camera) running iOS 4 (or above). 

Gube. iPhone & iPad. $3.99. Are you a parent and do you cringe whenever your kid points your iPhone at YouTube? I do. Now you have an ally in the battle against video dreck - Gube. Gube provides a catalog of pre-screened, moderated, and safe yet fun YouTube videos. Paired with the BubCap ( home button cover, it turns your iPhone or iPad into a great learning and entertainment device. Videos are categorized by age group, and are completely searchable. Safely allow your child to browse on their own through age-appropriate videos, protected from unsuitable content. Gube videos are chosen by parents, by hand. Gube includes videos for: infants; toddlers; preschool; and, grade school children. A little pricey at $3.99, but what price safety? 

Chef’s Feed. iPhone & iPad. Free. Sure, Yelp is fine, but wouldn’t you love to hear what some of the great contemporary chefs think about the food at the restaurant you are considering? You can with Chef’s Feed. Chefs Feed is a chef-powered restaurant guide, featuring reviews by Mario Batali, Wolfgang Puck, Thomas Keller, Charles Phan and more. Chefs Feed has the answers, provided you live in and around New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle, Washington DC and Austin, or are planning to visit. See which chefs are local to your area, learn about them and see their favorite spots, from high brow to decidedly low brow. There is also a live feed of new restaurants and tips as they are added to the app, view a map of featured sites and see pictures of the food being reviewed. The app offers dining secrets from the nation’s top chefs, thousands of dish recommendations from restaurants across the country and all for free. Now what could be bad about that? Buon Appetit!

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock. iPhone & iPad. $.99. What if your alarm clock could read your sleep cycles and gently wake you when you were at your lightest sleep phase to make the process less jarring? That would be pretty space-age, wouldn’t it? Well, the future is now with Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock. The app uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to measure how much you move at any given phase. It will then wake you during a 30 minute time span ending in your set alarm time when you are at your lightest sleep phase. The app also analyzes your sleep over time and presents you with daily sleep data so you can monitor your own sleep patterns. While it isn’t effective for very heavy mattresses, like foam mattresses, as you need to place the phone under your mattress, users report that it performs quite well and accurately. If you suffer from alarm clock stupor, maybe it’s time to give Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock a try. 

Poly. iPad. $.99. This unique photo rendering application allows you to turn your snaps into polygonal faceted works of art. Using points and triangulation, you can morph images into facets and prisms. Take pictures within the app or load from library. Draw, erase or undo steps. Options include flat, wireframing, points only, and color blending. You can save the result to your photo library. It is such an original app and so much fun to use! Definitely worth $.99 if you like to create with your iDevice. 

Flockwork. iPad. Free. And now for something completely different, for MAotD, that is. A fun, smart puzzle game for your iPad called Flockwork. Puzzle games tend to be my favorites and this is a nice example and a great first offering from a young, woman-led development team called ReignDesign / ReignGames. The point of the game is to move your sheep to safety. The sheep move together in a flock and you will need to use your finger to guide them. There are 80 progressively harder levels of the puzzle. You can bounce sheep off walls, squeeze them through gaps, build bridges and, hopefully, dodge hungry wolves. Guide them to targets, collect stars and avoid hazards. But most importantly, don’t let them escape. This is a Game Center compatible game, with Leaderboards and Achievements and sports retina-friendly visuals. This game certainly earns its tagline of “addictive sheep herding!” Give this free game a try and try not not herd sheep for hours. You can check out the trailer video of the game at 

Invy. iPhone. $1.99 Simple is good and Invy is simple. An event planner with style, but no frills. Invy integrates with the address book and calendar on your iPhone, but allows non-iPhone toting users to access the service through the Invy website and respond. Create an invite within the app. Add meet-ups directly to your agenda. Select contacts from your address book. Friends get an email with the invitation. Discuss your invite in a private chat and pick the best date. Friends will be notified which date you picked. With a nice, clean interface and clear function, this is a great, single purpose app. And much nicer to use than Evite. 

Norton Identity Safe. iPhone. Free. I use this on my desktop PC and now I can use it on my iPhone. Norton Identity Safe stores your usernames and passwords for your websites. Identity Safe: Mobile Edition allows instant access to this information and warns you of and blocks dangerous websites for added protection from online threats. Whenever you visit a favorite site, the app will automatically enter your user name and password for you.  You can see at a glance if a site is safe or not with site safety ratings right in your search results. Keep your Stuff secure by blocking dangerous websites, including phishing websites. If you are familiar with Identity Safe on the desktop, then you likely will love this mobile version that helps keep you secure during mobile browsing. 

FaceVault. iPhone. $.99. iPhone users jealous of Android users who have been using facial recognition apps to unlock their phones can now rejoice. FaceVault brings facial recognition technology to iOS. The app uses biometric facial recognition to identify the phone owner. You can choose between FaceRecognition or Pattern (backup unlocking method for low-light situations). There is a Login archive that tells you when the app had a break-in attempt. You can lock photos and albums using the app. The app uses multitouch control for Zoom, Swipe, Rotate. You also can take private photos from within the app, as well as Import and export photos from or to Camera Roll or share via email. The developer does caution that facial recognition is less secure than a pattern lock and that someone who looks similar to you could unlock the app. The app also requires an active internet connection to perform recognition and location services must be turned on in order for the app to access the Camera Roll. And from the reviews, it looks like the results are mixed. Nonetheless, facial recognition technology is pretty cool and as this app updates, I expect it will only improve. If you want to witness the future now, check out FaceVault.

Voxer. iPhone and Android. Free. Voxer is a walkie talkie push-to-talk voice service, much like Nextel -  like text messages but with voice instead of text. Send instant Audio, Text, Photo and Location messages to one friend or a group of your friends. Your friends can listen to your message while you talk or check it out later. Works over WiFi or 3G or other data network. Create a new identity or log in with Facebook, sync it with your phone’s address book and/or Facebook, then start chatting with other individual friends, or groups that you join or create. The interface shows a text message style interface. You hold a talk button to record a quick message for the other party, although there’s also an option to listen live to an incoming message that a friend is recording. You can also send text messages within the flow of correspondence. The look of the app is sharp, making it fun to use. When you need quick communication and you don’t feel like typing, turn to Voxer. 

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